Sunday, November 1, 2015

Life Lately and This Week's Goals

I touched on being quite busy recently so here's what's going on:

My apartment's all out of whack since I'm moving soon.  I hate having my things all over the place so this is definitely my number one source of distraction and stress right now! (By the way, on the TV is How to Get Away with Murder marathon on Netflix and I'm addicted haha!) 

We've had some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets lately - this one is from Friday night when we were out on the lawn watching Clayton Anderson play.  So fun! 

I've officially signed up for the Thanksgiving Day half marathon and Donna half marathon in February!  This means I need to keep kicking my butt into gear.  There's no falling off or I'm just going to disappoint myself.  I need to decide how important this running thing is because I can either continue to do what I've been doing and stay the same or I can step up my training and try to make some improvements.  

I'd like to make some improvements so here are my goals for this week 11/2-11/8 --
Monday:  4 miles
Tuesday:  strength training
Wednesday:  sprints
Thursday:  5k
Friday: strength training
Saturday:  8 miles 
Sunday:  Rest

I've never really done serious track workouts or sprints so I'm just going to plan out a few distances I want to try and do it.  If you have any suggestions for track workouts, let me know!  

And last but not least I leave you with current mood: 


  1. I just started doing track workouts when I trained for my second half marathon...but I didn't have easy access to a track, so I used a treadmill instead. I found that helpful because if I had a desired pace that I wanted to hit, the treadmill would ensure I was doing it right! I did 400m intervals (basically once around a track)...early in the training I was only doing 5x400 (so 5 intervals of 400m each, at 5K pace, with about a minute rest in between), by the end of training I was up to 10x400 (SO HARD!!). I also did some tempo runs (you can google how to do those, hard to explain quickly). Speed work is not my favorite, but it definitely did help me, as I PR'd that race by 7 minutes despite a TON more hills than my first half. Good luck!

    Also: happy to have found your blog! Love your idea of trying to race in each state. If you ever need recommendations for New York or Connecticut, let me know! :)

  2. Wow! Thank you for the advise! I think the treadmill idea sounds really great - I'm going to try that tomorrow. And I'm glad you found me, too! I've been reading your blog for a while now :)