Saturday, October 31, 2015

Recap of Evergreen Pumpkin 5k

I had so much fun with this race!  I got one of my friends at work to do it with me that I haven't run with before and it turned into a great time.  We carpooled downtown to the cemetery and it was a little spooky first thing in the morning!  But there were lots of costumed people and they lined the streets with pumpkins so it was really cute.  Thanks to my friend, we dressed up as bank robbers and the outfits turned out so well.

The temperature was pretty perfect at the start but it did warm up very quickly, especially when you're wearing long sleeves, a beanie, and gloves.... haha!

 We did a walk run 45 sec running, 30 sec walking and we both agreed our pace was perfect.  I felt a little sluggish since I had just run a 5k on Saturday, also.  I usually take a day off in between running so my body was aching a little!

**NOTE: I did NOT wear the mask and gloves the whole time (so annoying) but when we saw cameras up ahead I put my gear on

Total time was 37:33 -- only 1 minute off of a PR time.  We have already planned our next race - a 5k in December :)  

Happy Halloween 

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