Monday, June 1, 2015

Paranoid Much?

Saturday morning I hopped my little butt out of bed and headed over to Jacksonville Running Company for our long run.  When I pulled out of the neighborhood and saw this ahead of me, I was a little frightened!

It turns out it only sprinkled a little on my way and where we were it didn't rain at all.  There's about 20-30 of us that are in the training group and no kidding out of all of them only me and one other person had our name tags on our backs like they told us to.  No one else even had one on!  So I felt a little silly but oh well!  

We went into 3 groups for intervals - I went to the advanced group with 30 sec running 15 sec walking and I really liked it.  I felt good because I was able to keep up and work my way up to the front of the group with the leader and another guy :)  

The only thing I'm not sure about with this group is we never warm up!  I'm worried I'm going to hurt myself one of these days... 

This morning was a 19 minute run/walk on the schedule but I just rounded it out to 20 minutes.  I started with 5 min walking and then the 20 minutes and then a 5 min cool down walk again.  Feeling good!  I've been so paranoid lately, though!  I just keep wondering what if someone is behind me sneaking up or preparing to attack or a car pulls up and tries to get me in the car.  I've never felt this way in the past but lately with the crazy news I can't stop thinking about it.  So I've been running with my phone just in case!  

Have a great week!  


  1. Way to go! We've had alot of rain yesterday, which was nice b/c it has cooled the area a bit (I had to turn the heat on tonight). Hope you have a good week! Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run

  2. Oh random, I tried to add you onto Bloglovin, but it could not find your blog :( Are you on it ?

    1. I didn't realize I had to add myself but I just figured it out! I also added the widget so that anyone can easily click it. Thanks for asking - I already added you to mine a couple weeks ago :)