Sunday, June 7, 2015

Quick Post

I'm excited that my running group posted the picture of our group on our run yesterday morning!  Yay!

If you look reaaalllyy close you can see the top half of the hot air balloon in the sky a little to the left of the center - fun!  This was the 30/15 group but in total there were about 25 people that came. 

After the run I convinced my parents we needed to go to the running store and buy some new clothes/shoes.  They are SO excited to be on the plan also it's so cute!  I really want to try some shorts but I'm just worried they will ride up and I'll chafe like always.  But the guy helping me said the ones I got should help so I'm willing to try!

Winded down at my Uncles house on the water.  Amazing.  And today we're headed off to the zoo, busy, busy!!


  1. Cute running clothes and nice views. Was there a hot air balloon festival? Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run

    1. No festival! But that would be cool. Actually later I saw a picture that it has landed in water shortly after... oops!