Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Early Morning Jogger Came Upon....

Don't you always hear on the news when a person is found it's by an early morning jogger?  Well, this morning I had my moment (and hopefully my last).  I drove to my friends house and we got started running around 6:05 this morning.  As we come up to an intersection in her neighborhood, we see a girl laying in the grass and a fellow walker/runner stopped on the phone with the police.  So of course we stopped to help out with where we were and being there if they needed something.  Long story short, she was moving but not responding or waking up.  When the police/firefighters got there they were able to get her up and moving after many attempts.  They said they've encountered her before and she lives about 15-20 minutes away so no idea how she got to where she was... She looked like she was under the influence and very out of it.  Very freaky way to start my morning!  Not to mention, we weren't able to run as long as we wanted, haha!  Anyway, I'm hoping that that was my one and only early morning jogger discovery because my stomach cannot handle it!!

Here's my stats from Tuesday:

Here's my stats from this morning.  We actually went out pretty fast and was just under 12:00 for a lot and then we got burned out and disturbed by the events so we just walked about ten minutes.  

Happy Friday Eve!  Ready to get through this work week because on Saturday we're doing the Magic Mile and running 4 miles I believe bright and early at 600!  Let's get it done!

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