Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rainbows and Banana Bread

Happy Humpday Eve!  

Yes, that's a rainbow.  Yes, that's a FULL rainbow.  Yes, it looks like a dome over the world.  And yes, it was on 4th of July weekend making it even a little more magical :)

I can already notice a change in the sunlight during the morning/evening slowly moving towards darker and darker.  For the last few months I can wake up at 600 and it's pretty light out and now it's dark making it harder to wake up... but I did get up this morning and run 3 miles!  I really wanted to do 4 but I honestly could not get my butt out of bed in time, boo.  Maybe Thursday!

I like this route because it's extremely close to my house and it's a straight shot with a lot of room to run.  I can just go forever without thinking about where to turn or dodge traffic. 

I LOVE running early in the morning when there's no one else out and I feel like I'm getting one step ahead of every person that slept in that morning.  Plus I love the crisp air and enjoying not being stressed by the issues of the day, yet.

My legs felt entirely too heavy.  I think I'm still recovering from my race on Saturday!  I was slightly happy with my time compared to what I have been doing but of course I compare it to my college days and I'm quite a few minutes too slow still.  Working on it!  I'm just proud of myself for getting out there and Galloway Marathon training starts on Saturday with a 3 mile run so I need to make sure I can get it done easily before then! 

My mom and I are cutting back on sugar intake.  No treats, and if we do eat something with sugar in it like yogurt, milk, etc, it needs to be ideally less than 5g but definitely less than 10g.  In the spirit of sugarless healthiness I baked some sugar free banana bread and boy is it sugar free!  Not sweet AT ALL.  But the texture is awesome.  I'm sure it will get eaten somehow!  

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