Monday, September 7, 2015

Marathon High Virtual Half Marathon

I completed my fourth half marathon and first virtual race this weekend!  The Galloway group that I train with is a sponsor for the Marathon High running program for high school students.  Naturally, all of us signed up for the virtual half and even though our training called for 12 miles we did 13.1 on Saturday.

On the left is my friend from my running group.  We made a pact when we first started back in July that we would stick together and she definitely stuck it out with me on Saturday and I'm so thankful! It was so difficult to complete I think I just utterly ran out of fuel.  I was so exhausted finishing up but as soon as I got home, ate a little, and relaxed I felt perfect.  

Pretty fun bling!  And it makes it even more special that one of the Marathon High high schoolers designed the medal himself.  Certainly not my best race, maybe even my worst but it was a feel good race and I'm glad I did it with my running group :) 

On an unrelated note, I'm currently addicted to Smart Water -- well, I have been for a while now.  I love that it has Magnesium (known to help with my frequent migraines, I take a Magnesium supplement every day so I figure it can't hurt to get some extra through water) and that it has electrolytes in it.  Plus, you can't deny the great taste.  My grocery right now is 50 cents off each bottle and 10 cents off per gallon when you buy ten = I'm buying 10 water bottles every few days to stock up.  Crazy water lady :) Not to mention, I have more water than food... hmm... 

Happy running this week! 

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