Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back on the East Coast!

All of last week I was thoroughly enjoying being in the Pacific Northwest.  Great time with family, great time outdoors, awesome exploring, and amazing running views!  Here's the short and sweet run down --

We stayed in Eugene, Oregon where they have a bike/walking trail that goes something like 35 miles long!  I was too excited to get on there but it was extremely underused and went through some rough parts of town so thankfully my parents were walking behind me to keep me safe :) 

Another picture of the trail.  I LOVED the different scenery than I'm used to in Florida!  I went out for only about 3 miles but it quenched my desire to get out there and run.  

We did lots of hiking and exploring -- cross training?  I think so 

I was definitely huffing and puffing getting back up from the waterfall! 

Then we stayed at Cannon beach in Oregon for a couple nights.  I ran out 2 miles into town and then ran back to the hotel on the beach -- AMAZING!!

Have a great week!

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