Thursday, September 3, 2015

Finally Back!

I had a little hiatus because I got a computer virus a couple weeks ago and I'm still getting my stuff set up and loaded and favorited and all that good stuff.  In the meantime, last weekend we did a short 4 mile run including the Magic Mile again.  I really wasn't sure how I would do and yet I was disappointed in my time.  I wasn't feeling my best and my legs felt extra heavy.  (insert 5 more excuses here)  I ended up running my mile in 10:09.  A month or so ago when we first did it I ran it in 10:11 so I technically improved even if it was by only 2 seconds.  The main reason I was disappointed was because all and literally ALL the people in my group and the group slower were ahead of me the whole time and all finished at least 15-20 seconds faster than me.  I know it's an individual sport but it's pretty hard seeing your entire pace group run faster than you.

Last weekend I finally got a chance to go to Jacksonville Running Company and get fitted for new shoes.  My shoes that I got for my birthday were great but I got my normal size and I really should have gone a little bigger.  So after all the fitting, testing, running and comparing, I was able to choose between two colors - ugly grey and orange and neon OR bright blue and neon... after quite a tough decision I went with.....

They are SO not my style and very bold for me but they were the best fit and they were better than the grey ones.  So far, I love them!  Thank you Jax RC for all the help!

I'm trying to transition into running in the evening so that I don't have to run in the dark.  So on Tuesday I took my new shoes for a 4 mile test run and they rocked.  Thankfully, I didn't get soaked even though I was surrounded by storms!

My shoes were AWESOME - lots of room, very comfortable, and the neon glows in the dark!

Happy with my pace :)  Have a great day!

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