Saturday, August 22, 2015

Double Digits!

We did our first double digit run for this training program and it was by the beach!  Yay and an added bonus it was only 10 minutes from my house (thank goodness).  I was worried because I missed the 8 mile run a couple weeks ago so I went from 6.5, 4.5, 4.5 to 10.  It turned out to be just fine.  I wasn't too sure how to fuel before and during to make sure I stay hydrated without having to pee the whole time.  Plus I haven't been taking any supplements during so I took one pack of Gu chomps to test out. I drank 4 16oz water bottles during and shortly after and only peed a little.  I guess my body really needed the hydration!  

We ran right along the edge of the east coast and it was so pretty watching the sunrise.  I LOVED going through all the neighborhoods with the amazing homes.  Ahh the life.  We loved this funky tree!  I was in someones front yard and went all the way to the middle the of street.  Individuality at it's finest :)

The Galloway group did a little scavenger hunt along the route for fun.  While it was cool to stop it was somewhat distracting.  I also thought it was frustrating because we ran a little slower than normal and overtime when we stopped it felt harder to get back going again.  Plus, every time I had to remember to stop my watch and restart it again.  And one time... I accidentally pressed down before the start button which actually saved it and completed the run.  GGRRRR!!  SO I have about 5.5 on one and 4.5 on another. I like everything to be perfect, especially my running stuff so I can't stand that it's split like that.  Oh, well.  Here's the stats: 

I also hate that it doesn't completely add up to 10 miles, I think it's 9.8 but by the time we got to the finish stop and I saw water, there was no way I was finishing that last 0.2.  Maybe next time!  

Happy long run day!

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