Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm Baack

A long week, a few training runs, and one race later I'm finally home and back to normal!

Here's a quick recap:

Last Saturday I got up early to do 6.5 miles with my Galloway group.  We met about 35 minutes from my house which wasn't fun to drive to but we ran over the river and it was AMAZING that early in the morning!  It wasn't my favorite run since we had to join the group slower than us when our leaders didn't show.  I felt like I was exerting more effort trying to go slower than if I would have gone just a little faster than normal.  Oh well!

Newburgh, IN has beautiful views and very hilly hills!  Monday and Thursday my mom and I walked up and down each street in my family's neighborhood and it whooped our butts.  By the way, the picture below is someone's back yard - can you imagine?!

Tuesday we went to the Newburgh waterfront and I got 4 miles in for training.  I was pretty happy with my time considering there were a couple major hills.  But the view was pretty awesome!

The last part of our trip was to Asheville, NC where I was able to check off another race state!  We did the Sourwood 5k on Black Mountain and boy was it mountainous!  We got there pretty early and decided to walk/jog around until the race started to get warmed up so we ended up doing about 1.3 miles.  Our time for the 5k was 41 minutes but my watch says differently because I combined the warm up with the race.  It was TOUGH.  We ended up walking up the hills and running down them and I was only about 5 minutes slower than my normal 5k pace - I'll take it!  I got to check off my 11th state and my momma did it with me so it was even better :) 

Below is the finish line.  Beautiful!!

Have a great week!

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