Thursday, October 1, 2015

Help Wanted: Serious Motivation

I'm a pretty serious creature of habit.  I enjoy routine but also randomly get urges to make a big change.  Overall, I have a daily routine I like to stay on track with and when I get too far off... sometimes I have a hard time coming back...

I got two runs in and quote a lot of walks on my vacation last week but I have been utterly immobile this week other than working.  That's right, ZERO workouts, ZERO runs, ZERO walks.  I've been getting into bed around 800pm and sleeping later than normal.  HELP.  

What worries me most is I'm supposed to run my fifth half marathon this Saturday and I really don't know how I'm going to do.  What I'm hoping is that my body needs recovery and relaxation after the time changes and traveling it experienced last week.  Maybe if I continue laying low I will fully recover my body just in time to do amazingly well in the race... :)  Or, worst comes to worst, I can walk it to finish.  

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday because this work week has kicked my ass. 


  1. Pretty sure it's the need to recover from the trip. I had the same kind of week, but have been more productive this weekend. So hang in, girl.

    1. Thanks Uncle Jack! I needed so much sleep and relaxation to recover from the excitement and adventure of that trip!

  2. I agree, with jak your body needed a vacation from vacation. Hope the race went well (I'm obviously catching up haha). Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run