Thursday, June 11, 2015

Looking Eye-level

I know, it's already Thursday and this is the first time I'm posting this week.  However, I can say in all honesty I did my 22 minutes on Monday 30/15 and this morning I did my 24 minutes 30/15.  My legs were pretty heavy so I decided I need to try something different to get through.  Of course everyone says you should keep your head up and look at the horizon when running but it's hard to get out of a habit!  I decided to force myself to look ahead at eye level and it actually worked!  I felt lighter, more speedy, and it went by just a little faster.

I really LOVE my new Nike shorts - they're soft, lots of pockets, and they don't give me a muffin top - but they still ride up and my legs rub together!  Ugh.  Can I be the only girl in this running world with narrow hips and inner thighs that touch?!  Anyway, here's what happens when I run:  (yes, I recreated the situation in my bedroom so that I could document, haha)

I hate it.  Haattee it.  So I'm constantly pulling down my shorts while running.  It's super annoying and a little embarrassing because it's not really flattering to have your shorts look like they are riding up your legs... I decided I would rather people see spandex shorts than my actual inner thigh plus, it helps keep my legs from rubbing together.  I can either not care or find a better solution.  I think I will try to not care as I find a better solution..... 

Then on my way home I found a penny, picked it up, and all day long tried to find some good luck.

Last but not least, here's my running in numbers:

Oh, and as per usual my darn GPS took absolutely FOREVER to find me this morning so I missed out on about 5 minutes before it finally got started.  Grr.  But I don't care anymore because tomorrow is Friday thank goodness!

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