Saturday, June 13, 2015

Somewhere Sunny and 75

Since Thursday, I've been so excited to get up for my long run this weekend.  It was already almost 80 and sunny this morning making it slightly difficult to run but we powered through.  We had the same woman from last week as our leader and I liked her a little more this week.  The goal was to run/walk for 40 minutes total so we went out running around UNF for 20 minutes out and back.  We did 30/15 and I'm pretty comfortable with it at this point.  I felt great the whole way out but right around the turn around I started losing steam.  I haven't sweat so bad in my life!  At least, if I have I don't remember.. haha.

Time - 40:50 minutes
Distance - 3.18 miles
Pace - 13:18
Calories - 467

I saw this cool United States picture at Hobby Lobby and fell in love.  But I didn't want to pay $60 for it so I'm thinking about buying a canvas and making my own. I'd love to do it and then put pins on the states I've completed races in.  Might be cute!

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