Thursday, June 25, 2015

Numbers Game

I think most runners can admit that they play a numbers game while they're running.  Whether it be positive or negative, you inevitably end up counting things that occur on your run when you have nothing else to think about.  Here are the numbers for my run this morning:

Number of miles = 2.29
Number of calories burned = 327
Number of times I thought about what to eat for breakfast = 4
Number of spider webs I ran into = 2
Number of times I wondered what would happen if someone accidentally drove up onto the sidewalk = 10
Number of firetrucks that sped past = 1
Number of times I checked my watch to see if I was going any faster than the moment before = 34
Number of times I pulled my shorts down after riding up = 999

On a more serious note, my legs were slightly heavy this morning but my will was stronger and I was able to push it a little harder than normal.  I went just slightly farther than my 30 min run on Tuesday (score!).  I've definitely gotten back to the habit of running and feeling excited to get my runs in.  This weekend I have 30 minutes with my running group and then one more week before our 4 miler!  

Have a great day!

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