Sunday, June 28, 2015

Short Run on a Long Day

There's a little rainbow towards the center of the picture on my way to my running group!

Yesterday morning I met up with my Galloway training group to do our long run that was actually a short run since our 4 miler race is on July 4th.  Only 30 minutes this morning and the weather was perfect.  I wore my Nike Rival 4" shorts and I LOVE them.  They do a little riding up but not too much and they are comfortable with lots of pockets.  I'm on a hunt to find them cheaper than $60 so I found a pair on clearance and snagged them (of course).

I was slightly disappointed because there wasn't a leader for our faster group so we had to combine our 30/15 group with the 30/30 group.  It wasn't horrible, just wish we could have kept our faster pace than we did with the group we joined.  But it's all good!  We did just over 2 miles on UNF's campus.

Did some reading by the pool afterwards :) 

This morning I had an itch to get back outside so I went to walk by the beach.  I almost love walking/running next to the houses more than the actual beach because I love imagining I live there!  I wore another new pair of shorts (I know I might be going a little overboard with the shorts testing but still haven't found the PERFECT pair).  I tried the Oiselle Roga shorts:

I'm glad I went a size up because the material was a little snug.  I went for it without any spandex underneath and loaded up the Body Glide.  They actually weren't horrible but they did ride up in the middle.  I think if I got the longer version they might be ok so next time I'm ready to try a new pair I think I'll buy a pair of those.  

Marathon training starts in TWO WEEKS!!  SO excited that I made the decision to go for it with the Galloway group.  It gets me out there meeting new people, gives me something to look forward to during the week, and it gets me involved in a goal I NEVER thought I wanted to accomplish :)  

Can't wait.  

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