Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Long Run

Howdy!  Got up at the crack of dawn this morning to get my long run in with my running group!  We went to tapestry park again, which is a really pretty area.  I stuck with the regular 30/15 group and we kicked butt!  Our pace last week was 14:10 I think and this week it was 13:30!  There was only four of us today and our leader didn't show so we did it ourselves :)  I'm proud of us!

For my birthday my mom got me running shoes, running socks, and a handheld water bottle like this one except mine is blue and highlighter pink:

Last week I felt like I lost energy quickly and the heat really got to me so last night I decided to fill  up my Nathan with water and freeze it so that it was like a cool pack and water in one.  It worked very well, I think.  We also got to sample a BCAA drink while we ran from the local nutrition shop.  I think I want to get some myself but dang those drinks are expensive!  The sales pitch was pretty compelling and I'm really trying to work on replenishing my vitamins/minerals/proteins since I'm a picky eater.  I think I'll make a pit stop there sometime this weekend to learn more about my options. 

Oh, and my running group said they're all signing up for the full marathon training... that's the little push I needed to get signed up!!

Happy long run day!

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