Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Running Group

I will fully admit that I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning.  Like, seriously considered just not going.  My aunt, uncle and cousin are in town from Arkansas so we went out to eat last night and then went to an outside cover band show till about 10:00pm.  So I didn't get into bed until about 10:30pm - way past my bedtime!

(Yes, that's my dad repping IU at all times, haha)

Anywho, I slowly but surely got myself going and headed over to 1st Place Sports at the Town Center to meet everyone for our long run.  It was already high 70's and the sun was strong - why didn't I wear a tank top?!  I showed up like a naive dweeb with my name tag on my back, again.  And yet again, NO ONE ELSE WAS WEARING THEIR'S!  So I got back in my car and practically pulled muscles trying to take mine off before I got out of the car real quick.  

We did 15 minutes out and 15 back.  30 seconds running with 15 seconds walking.  I was in a very small group that are a little faster and I felt so cool being in the "elite group"!  My favorite leader is away for a month and a half so we had a woman that I didn't love as much.  I was a little disappointed but maybe we'll get someone new next week.  We stopped at one point because the scenery was beautiful and there was a hot air balloon in the background so we took a picture - fun!  (I will be stalking their Facebook page for the picture, haha)  But when we got back going I forgot to start my watch again so I'm not sure exactly how far we went, ugh.  It totally convinced me that I want a running belt so that I can have my camera with me to capture awesome moments like that!  The running company gave us free samples of Gu for when we really get into some serious mileage - thankful for that!

Happy weekend running!

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